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2013-09-07 06:14 pm

Room 402, Saturday Afternoon

The dormitory was beset with trolls. And they were expected to live here like they all weren't likely to die at any moment. Vider couldn't believe they could be so careless here. She certainly couldn't fix this all on her own--they were probably catwights, by the size of them, and those were notoriously insidious. Great Mountain Trolls, you could call in the army for. Catwights could hide and get into places humans couldn't follow. It wasn't uncommon to just abandon buildings to them and mark them with a rune to warn others off, like the den she'd spent a night in while traveling with Soren and Baldur. So no, she couldn't fix it, but she could take what precautions she could.

Watch for troll-sign. )

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2013-09-05 09:15 pm

Room 402, Thursday Evening

Vider was returning from a trip to the 'salle,' as it was apparently called here, when she opened the door to her room and something small and green, wearing a party hat, scampered out.

She immediately did the only sensible thing and clambered on top of her desk chair, casting a wary look around. "THIS BUILDING IS INFESTED WITH TROLLS?!" What was wrong with these people?

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2013-08-27 02:36 pm
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Infopost SMASH!

What's that you say? "Someone apped a character from some random YA book? I wonder who it could be!" Except obviously you're not saying that because it's usually me, and also, the book is really cool and you should totally check it out!

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My infopost for my other newbie will be coming just as soon as I can get the darn thing written. For my oldbies, go here, with the caveat that Steve is going expat and Petra will be heading off island very shortly.

Questions? Comments? Adorable baby animals?
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2013-08-23 07:16 pm
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Voice Mail

"This is Vider. I'm not here right now. You know how this works, or at least I hope you do."


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